The optimal chess setup

The optimal chess setup – Chess on Dots

A creative and innovative chess setup design by Dutch Designers.
Apart from the game plan, chess is all about lines and patterns. Complementing the human capacity to think in distinctive patterns and lines was the starting point of this design. We focused on reduction of the elements causing hindrance and background disturbances to achieve the optimal picture of lines and patterns. The outcome was a new chess board design called ‘Chess on Dots`. Playing is as easy as on squares and makes perfect sense from your very first move.

A new chess setup – Squares replaced by Dots

Squares on your chess board. You simply don’t need them. We encountered that you play as well on specific landmarks. The background disturbance is substantially reduced by using 64 dots as landmarks. Above that the chess pieces get a lot more ‘breathing space’. The result is a tranquil and esthetic view on your chess position. It offers a sharpened focus on the essence of the game

An optimal chess setup – Magnetic self-centering

To achieve optimal positioning on the chess board sloppy placing of the chess pieces must be prevented. For this reason the dots are implemented metal bolts in the chess board. Each chess piece contains small embedded magnets. This combination prevents poor positioning of the chess pieces by spontaneous self-centering. The result is an optimal position of all chess pieces right on the spot giving the ideal picture to make your next move(s). A side effect is preventing tipping over of chess pieces.

Specific coloured Chess Pieces

Increasing the balanced and esthetic outlook is enhanced by using just 1 colour in variable ways versus the natural colour of the wood. Each chess piece becomes a unique piece of art by injecting colour into the grains of the wood.

Video Chess on Dots in action:


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