Variant 7

Variant 7


Hand carved Luxury Staunton chess pieces with embedded magnets and a specific coloring on a Chess on Dots chess board makes this set unique.

King Height 116 mm / 4.5 inch
King Base 48 mm / 1.9 inch
Pawn Height 61 mm / 2.4 inch
Pawn Base 34 mm / 1.3 inch

Board Size 50 x 50 cm / 19.7 x 19.7 inch

Additional information

Weight 5,8 kg
Dimensions 51 × 51 × 13 cm

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Weight in pounds

11.6 lb

Dimensions in inches

20 x 20 x 5.1 inch

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Unique Chess Board Setup

This Chess Board Setup is developed by Chesstoppers with a sharp eye on both aesthetic beauty and playability. Our goal was editing Luxury Staunton Chess Pieces into a never seen before performance.

Chess Pieces

In this unique chess design we use luxury Staunton triple weighted Chess Pieces hand carved by master artisans. For self-centering at the bolts/dots we add small neodymium magnets. To get a calm picture we used special mat furniture wax. For tranquil coloring we use just one color. The distinction between the pieces is made by coloring the top versus coloring the bottom. We add color into the grain of the wood either on top or  the bottom. The natural effect; each Chess Piece becomes its own unique piece of art.

Chess Board

The Chess Board is made of prime quality plywood. The dots are represented by metal bolts with two different coatings. Together with the magnets in the Chess Pieces they take care of the automatic self-centering. In this variant we deliver the Chess Board in natural blank.


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