Neodymium magnets
Neodymium magnets are powerful permanent magnets composed of the elements neodymium, boron and iron. These magnets have the highest known energy product for their mass. Although they rank as superior permanent magnets, they begin to lose their magnetism at temperatures above 80 degrees Celsius, so they are not suited to high-temperature applications. At 312 degree Celsius, they lose their magnetism altogether. In addition, they are highly susceptible to corrosion.

Magnet safety warning
In some chess designs we use small embedded neodymium magnets. All these sets have a warning magnets below the images of the productpages. You must be aware of the following.


Always keep a safe distance between magnets and all objects that can be damaged by magnetism. Items such as heart CRT monitors and televisions, credit cards, diskettes and other magnetically stored media such as video tapes can be affected by magnets.


Although all magnets are embedded they might become loose under specific conditions. Children can put magnets in their mouth and swallow them. For this reason we don’t recommend the use under 5 years.


Some sets use neodymium magnets. Although all magnets are embedded they may pose serious risks for patients with pacemakers and ICD’s.


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