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Chess Setup innovations

In Chess a great deal of attention is paid on strategy, tactics and so on. Seemingly there is little to say about the equipment that should support these strategies and tactics. In a world where everything is rapidly changing and innovating we still use a century-old chess setup. Could innovation in this Chess Setup just be around the corner?

So we asked ourselves is it possible to make the supporting elements of the game more straightforward and transparent? In fact we asked ourselves, is it possible to:

  • Get a sharper view on patterns and lines by reducing background disruption
  • Give the chess pieces more “breathing space”, so they get more distinguishing on the board
  • Prevent sloppy position of the chess pieces within the squares
  • Prevent the sometimes frustrating risk of tipping over

As Designers our challenge is to simplify complicated concepts into clear-cut and aesthetic pleasing designs. In the first place we investigated the hindrances for an optimal insight in complex chess positions. After that our designers came up with a statement about the squares. You don’t need squares to play a solid game, 64 landmarks are sufficient and pave the way to other gains.



Less is More

Reducing complexity by introducing 64 dots as landmarks gives a broadened view with a better focus on the essentials. So less means more breathing space for the chess pieces and thus bringing a keener insight into pattern and lines. By doing so it also leads to more ease and calm on the board. It brings a kind of serenity into the picture of the chess position.
A chess setup with 64 distinctive dots leads to:

  • Reducing the background disturbance. Using dots gives a perfect overview on lines and positions but an enhanced possibility to focus on the essentials “patterns and lines”.
  • Without the squares the playing field for the chess pieces is broadened. So the chess pieces automatically get more distinguishing on the board.


chess-setup chess-setup   chess-setup chess-setup

Self-centering chess pieces

Another crucial modification is the use of self-centering of the chess pieces on the dots by using magnetic attraction.
Trying to develop an optimal chess setup for quick but thorough analyzes during the game we ran up against possible sloppy positioning of the pieces. In regular situations up to a 30% deviation of the ideal line can appear. We don’t know any sport where these numbers of deviation are acceptable. So there was a world to win by using metal bolts as dots and adding small magnets into the pieces. The magnets of the pieces automatically center on the dots by magnetic attraction for a perfect alignment. The bolts are executed in two distinguishing color coatings. By bringing a balance between easy moving and magnetic attraction we could reduce the risk of tipping over the chess pieces. Besides preventing manual perturbation it allows to play in previously impassable conditions. You might think about windy conditions and suchlike. In summary:

  • Automatic self-centering gives an optimal alignment and prevents sloppy positioning
  • Preventing tipping-over of the chess pieces and broadens the range of playable conditions



No doubt, color is a distinguishing factor in the view on the game. We believe that “Less is More” can also bring a considerable improvement to the item of coloring. For that reason we made a choice for basic low-key coloring in our chess setup. To bring better insights and calm on the chess board design we also use our own special finished chess pieces. We manufactured raw chess pieces to more distinguishable ones in a calm and natural setting. These chess pieces turn into unique copies of artwork by itself. In our design specials paint is added into the grain of the wood creating unique pieces of art. In fact we use just one black paint versus the natural color of the wood.

At this point we noticed a different perception of our target audience. For some players we – as designers – might move one step too far in this coloring. So we introduced the option of personalization. We made a series of chess pieces from the more regular black and white (natural in our case) up to our design specials top or bottom colored. The complete series represents both the regular coloring idea of black and white as our own brand new design coloring and everything between this.



chess setupchess setup 02chess setup 03chess setup 04

Aesthetic distinctive Design

Last but not least. The total Design is shaped into an exceptional showpiece to fit in your interior Home Design.


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