Chess outdoor design set


A chess outdoor design set


Play more outdoor chess

What could be nicer than a good game of outdoor chess. The thresholds for playing are lowered when  a chess set is within immediate reach. But what to do when windy conditions disturb your game. Or even worse damaging your chess set during more lousy weather conditions.


A weatherproof chess outdoor design as an object in your garden or on your balcony

As stated an outdoor chess design means taking into account the different weather conditions. So the question was to design a chess set that is resistant to these elements. Another challenge was to make even one step further to make a design which can be left outside as a distinctive object in your garden or on your balcony. So a design that is weather resistant with a top-end quality look and distinctive chess pieces.


A stainless steel design

Stainless steel became the basis for this chess set. The choice for stainless steel was not just for the durability but also for aesthetic reasons. It makes it distinguishing as a contemporary design and a showpiece.
Further specific elements of this design are:

  • A secured durability for weather conditions like rain, snow etc. This concerns both chess pieces and chess board
  • To be able to play outside in windy conditions we embedded small flat neodymium magnets into the chess pieces. The magnetic attraction prevents the chess pieces falling over by wind. Meanwhile they are very easy to move on the chess board
  • Chess on Dots chess board. This chess board gives the chess pieces more breathing space.  The dots are differentiating holes in the chess board which also serve for the drainage of rainwater. You get accustomed to it in no time and it will play like a charm
  • Both chess pieces and chess board are extra protected by a colored powder coating
  • Different color settings are available. This range makes it possible to personalize and chose a matching look


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