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logoCOD       Chess on Dots a new chess board design

Chess on Dots is an approach to bring innovation in the world of the tradional Staunton Chess Sets. The designers of Chesstoppers focused on creating a work of art in combination with innovating the Chess Setup itself.

Less is more
A spacious design is obtained by removing the visual boundaries of the conventional squares. It capitalizes on the human capacity for thinking in clear lines and patterns with landmarks. From your very first move Chess on Dots will make perfect sense.

A specific color adding application into the grain of the wood makes every pieces a unique piece of art. It delivers a calm and natural overview on the board with less “background disturbance”.

Automatic centering
To  prevent sloppy position on the board small magnets are added in the bottom of the Chess Pieces. The automatic centring works like a charme and gives an added dimension to the overall chess experience.

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