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logoCOD       Chess on Dots a new chess board design

Chess on Dots, what is?

Lines & Patterns

Chess on Dots the latest design of Chesstoppers is all about innovation in the game of chess. It is a new concept that will quickly become as natural as playing on squares. That’s because the human capacity for thinking in clear lines and patterns enables an instant understanding of playing on these smaller landmarks. From your very first move Chess on Dots will make perfect sense.

Spacious design

By removing the visual boundaries of the conventional squares, the chess pieces gain more ‘breathing space’ which allows them to move around the board more freely. The more open and organic surface of the boards also reduces ‘background disturbance’ and therefore minimizes visual interference from the chess pieces. Chess on Dots … it means a cleaner and more spacious game.


In order to make sure that all pieces stay centered on their dots, we have added small magnets to the chess pieces. So moving them around works like a charm and gives an added dimension to the overall chess experience you get when playing ‘on dots’.


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